Sheep farmer Joe Rabicano has just finished doing his A-Levels and has his mind firmly set on the career he wants to pursue.

The 18-year-old from Wisbech currently has 44 sheep that he keeps onrented land in Cambridgeshire but already has plans of business growth.

Joe Rabicano from Wisbech has been forging a career in farming - at the age of just 18 - before he's even left school. Credit: ITV Anglia

He has successfully applied for the tenancy of a 42-acre arable farm on Norfolk County Council's estate at Southery near Downham Market, where he hopes to expand his flock to 75 ewes.

Joe Rabicano said: "It has given me a really good foot on the ladder with the county council.

"They have farms ranging from 300 hundred to 400 hundred acres and there’s potential for me to work my way up. Hopefully, in 10 to 15 years, I’ll be able to move on to one of them."

When I was about thirteen, I started working for a local farmer, farming sheep and beef cattle and he was brilliant. Very encouraging – and that’s what got me into this. I developed a passion inside for it.

Joe Rabicano, farmer