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Anglia Weather: breezy and sunny with isolated showers

A sunny morning in Strethall Credit: Joanne Joyce

Today: A fine start, before cloud thickens through the morning with a few light showers possible. However most places staying dry, with sunny spells. Whilst rather breezy, winds will be lighter than on Friday. Maximum temperature 22 deg C (72 deg F).

Tonight: Cloud likely thickening from the south during the evening, perhaps bringing the odd spot of rain or drizzle, mostly likely to southeastern coasts. Drier, with clear spells across the northwest. Minimum temperature 12 deg C (54 deg F).

Sunday: Early cloud and rain clearing southeastern parts during the morning. A largely fine day then follows, with sunny spells but also the chance of one or two further blustery showers. Maximum temperature 22 deg C (72 deg F).

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday: Sunshine and occasionally heavy showers Monday. Most parts dry Tuesday, with winds easing, and turning chilly overnight. Largely fine Wednesday, with some warm sunshine, although further showers also possible.