Engineers from the University of Cambridge have helped break the world record for the number of people playing one piano at the same time.

They developed a special instrument which allowed 88 children, aged six to 14-years-old, to play. The previous record stood at 21 pianists.

The project began in 2018 when engineers at the University ofCambridge decided to break this world record to commemorate the 500thanniversary of Leonardo da Vinci.

As there are 88 keys on a piano, the team chose to use 88 individual players, one for each key on a piano, to ensure that the record they set would never be broken.

Along with nine other top UK universities, they attended and worked withprimary schools from across the UK to design these mechanisms.

88 inventions were selected from the 2,500 submissions, built by theengineers and schoolchildren.

The pupils came schools in Cambridge, Norfolk, theMidlands, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Liverpool.

The world record was achieved in front of over 500leading engineers from around the world who had gathered together inBirminghams ICC for their annual meeting.