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Northamptonshire vicar takes drastic action after being 'caught short' while locked in bedroom

Former Communard turned Northamptonshire vicar Richard Coles had to take desperate measures after being caught short when trapped in a bedroom on holiday.

A former frontman of The Communards, he is now the Vicar of Finedon. Credit: Twitter/Richard Coles.

The Reverend, who is also Chancellor of the University of Northampton, shared his loo drama on Twitter asking his followers for help in getting out of the room, and admitting nature’s call had become too great.

"I am trapped in my bedroom. The door handle just goes round and round and does not move the latch. I have had to pee in an ornament. My host is asleep in the room next door. Please advise."

– The Reverend Richard Coles on Twitter.

Thousands of people rallied to help.

Plans for a daring window escape were suggested - but were flawed....

He is a vicar, not Spiderman. Credit: Twitter/Richard Coles.

He took to the internet to try and break out - it also failed.

At one point the host thought they would have to call the fire brigade to help, but eventually he got out.

He even admitted to using the jug in an ‘unconventional’ manner, although disagrees with the host about what should happen to it now!

In a fit of conscience I told my host that I had to pee in his jug because I was trapped in my room this morning (due to his poor maintenance of the door handle). He now wants the jug destroyed rather than just thoroughly washed. I think this is an over reaction.

– The Reverend Richard Coles on Twitter.

He has now taken hi-tech measures to stop it happening again.

A shoe should do the job. Credit: Twitter/RichardColes.