The Army and Navy Flyover in Chelmsford has been closed all summer when concerns over the safety of the structure became too loud to ignore.

Since then the roundabout beneath it often gridlocked.

And now, with six weeks holidays at an end the fear is the situation could get much worse.

Councillor Kevin Bentley, deputy leader of Essex County Council said:

"It is going to be months possibly years before we get it done. But it is going to be short-term pain for long-term gain, that's what I'm asking people to do. I'm going to Westminster very shortly to meet the secretary of state to ask for help. He's already indicated he will. I'm going with the local member of parliament to ask for that help - that help being money - and I hope he'll look upon us sympathetically. I'm classing this as an emergency."

Our reporter, Russell Hookey, said pointed out that he traveled 30 miles to come into Chelmsford at 8am, but the wait at the Army and Navy roundabout was the same length of time as his journey himself.

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There's growing criticism over a lack of planning for a junction used by 60 thousand vehicles every day.

The council has also been criticised for giving permission to a new supermarket which will bring even more traffic into the area.

Councillor Mike Mackrory, Lib Dem leader at Essex County Council said:

How on earth when we knew it was a temporary structure - how have we got to this stage? When the structure is in effect not safe. They decided they would start from a blank sheet of paper. I was incredulous at this as I thought they must have a plan as its been a problem for over 40 years."

Cllr Mike Mackrory, Lib Dem

The building of Chelmsford's new North Eastern bypass and a new railway station to serve the Beaulieu area will relieve congestion, but these projects are several years away from completion.