Anglia Late Edition is the regional politics programme for the East of England presented by political correspondent Emma Hutchinson

The Brexit endgame that never ends - Anglia Late Edition looks back at another historic week at Westminster and its impact on the East of England.

Parliament has only been back for three days after the long summer recess and has already inflicted three defeats on the new Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

First the Government lost control of fixing the Commons agenda which led to Opposition and rebel Conservative MPs voting to introduce a new law to stop a no-deal Brexit.

That led to Boris Johnson calling for a General Election to resolve the issue but he failed to get the necessary two-thirds of MPs to agree to that.

The Labour MP for Norwich South, Clive Lewis told the programme an election should be held after 31 October once there was a guarantee Britain had not left the European Union without a deal.

He said despite any new law, Boris Johnson could simply refuse to go to the European Union to ask for an extension.

"I'm not prepared to take the risk that we could still get a no-deal Brexit. "We've seen time after time that this is a Government that is prepare to play fast and loose with our democracy." "Boris Johnson has boxed himself in, his party is disintegrating. "I'm quite happy for the Conservative Party to implode, to guarantee we have stopped a no-deal Brexit and to have a General Election shortly after the 31st October as soon as we are guaranteed the extension is happening.

Clive Lewis MP, Norwich South (Lab)
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The rebellion by 21 Conservative MP who voted to introduce a new bill to prevent the government taking the UK out of the European Union without a deal led to them losing the Tory whip.

That included the North East Bedfordshire MP Alistair Burt who said he would step down from Parliament after a total of 32 years.

Losing the Conservative whip meant Mr Burt would have been unable to stand as a Conservative candidate in an election.

North East Bedfordshire MP Alistair Burt will step down as a Conservative MP at the next election after losing the party whip. Credit: UK Parliament

"These are friends and colleagues of mine on a personal level and I'm deeply saddened they are not going to have the whip. "He [the Prime Minister] has put down a marker in terms of discipline. We didn't have discipline before. "We had collective responsibility in name only but people were doing whatever they wanted which trickled down to the junior ministers and the backbenches."

Shailesh Vara MP, North West Cambridgeshire (Con)

Emma Hutchinson was joined in the studio by three politicians from the Anglia region.

  • Shailesh Vara is the Conservative MP for North West Cambridgeshire and is a former minister and former Vice-Chairman of the Tory Party

  • Clive Lewis is the Labour MP for Norwich South and serves on the frontbench as a Shadow Treasury minister.

  • Sir Norman Lamb is the Liberal Democrats MP for North Norfolk who recently announced he would step down at the next election.

Emma Hutchinson was joined on Anglia Late Edition by Shailesh Vara MP (Con), Clive Lewis MP (Lab) and Sir Norman Lamb MP (Lib Dem) Credit: ITV Anglia