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Suffolk County Council is considering plans to build a gravel quarry in an Area of Natural Beauty (AONB) between Wangford and Reydon near Southwold. It would be opposite an existing quarry operated by concrete specialists, Cemex.

"This whole area, about 65 acres, would be excavated to a depth of 13 metres with two and three metre bunns around it. The noise, similar to what you can hear in the background, travelling over a greater area. part of the proposal, apart from the excavation is to have 30 tonne dumper truck crossing Mardle Road every 8 minutes. I think you can imagine the impact that will have on people"

Bill Irving, 'CurlewsCalling'

Suffolk County Council say they are taking the recommendations from the Planning Inspectorate on board and will open up the plans to public consultation in October. For more info