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Giant plant flowers for the first time at Cambridge Botanic Garden

Giant mystery agave Photo: Cambridge University Botanic Garden

A giant plant has flowered for the first time at Cambridge Botanic Garden.

The plant, that belongs to the agave family, has never flowered before despite being cared for since 1962.

The exact species cannot be determined until further tests are carried out.

The agave began to spike and flower in June but has carried on growing and now, at 4.5 meters tall, almost touches the glasshouse ceiling.

Agaves are generally referred to as ‘century plants’ as they can take up to 100 years to flower.

Giant plant has flowered for the first time at the Botanic Garden in Cambridge Credit: Cambridge University Botanic Garden

“The bottom section of the flower structure, or inflorescence, has started to flower, however its flowers may not look as pretty as people might expect as there aren’t any coloured petals. In the wild, pollinators are attracted by the massive inflorescence, the yellow colour of the stamens, the smell of the flowers (broccoli-like) and the abundant nectar they produce.”

– Dr Cano, Cambridge University Botanic Garden

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