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On the buses: Free shuttle service to make Milton Keynes a greener cleaner place

The free MyBus shuttle service in Milton Keynes has just carried its 25,000th passenger. Credit: ITV News Anglia

For a new town that was designed around the motor car, Milton Keynes is encouraging more of its citizens to hop on the bus.

The My Bus Shuttle, which runs around the centre or Milton Keynes and is free for people who work there, has just carried it 25,000th passenger after a year in service.

Parking is at such a premium that, once they've got a space, workers in the centre are reluctant to drive in the daytime for fear they'll lose their spot.

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Running every 15 minutes in office hours, the two buses are funded by local companies which voted to pay extra rates.

Anyone wanting to use the bus has to register on an app and there are live updates showing exactly where the buses are and how far away they are from a stop.

There are now plans to expand the shuttle service with the next step introducing electric buses on the routes.

"We had a massive problem with parking, the volume of parking.

"People were having to drive into work even if they lived close to the city centre because there was no other way of getting around the city centre so it was all about creating an environment where it wasn't just about the car and car parking spaces."

– Melanie Beck, MyMiltonKeynes

There are 21 My Bus stops and two circular routes running concurrently from 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday, there are already 6,500 employees using the free service.

As part of the MyMiltonKeynes app it has recently been shortlisted for a National Transport Award.