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Family welcomes water safety training after death of Rutland teen

Sonny Ferry was just 19 when he died. Photo: Family photo.

The family of a teenager from Rutland who drowned after a night out have welcomed water rescue training being given to people working near where he died.

It’s believed 19-year-old Sonny Ferry, died after falling in the River Foss in York after becoming separated from his friends.

Now Sonny's parents say more people need to be made aware of the dangers of open water - like rivers and lakes.

Since his death, his mum has been campaigning for water safety improvements. Credit: Family photo.

Since his death - his mum has been campaigning for water safety improvements. Kate Ferry said: “It's great that this is happening, that the youngsters involved around and about are going to get to hear advice from experts because they truly don't know the dangers.”

The family are trying to raise 45 thousand pounds for a new rescue boat for York. So far, they've raised more than 18 thousand pounds.

“My son was 19-years-old and he was absolutely fearless. He would never have imagined that by falling into a river that he wouldn't have been able to get out again. The emergency services were there within 3 minutes of him falling in that river and there was nothing they could do to save him.”

– Kate Ferry, mum