A mother from Suffolk joined campaigners in Downing Street calling on the government to make medical cannabis available on the NHS.

Tannine Montgomery's 5-year-old daughter Indie-Rose used to have daily seizures but since taking the drug privately her mother says her trips to the hospital have significantly reduced and her quality of life has massively improved.

Parents came to Westminster carrying placards of their children and a petition for the Prime Minister, asking the government to make it easier to get whole-plant Cannabinoid oil on the NHS to treat severe childhood epilepsy.

They are asking the government to make it easier to get whole plant cannabinoid oil on the NHS. Credit: ITV Anglia

Since the law changed last year to make the drug legal, campaigners say there's not been a single NHS prescription for childhood epilepsy.

Tannine Montgomery was given a license to treat her daughter with the drug but can't get it on the NHS meaning she has to spend up to 2 thousand pounds every month.

She says the difference the drug makes is huge - Indie is now mobile and has had a 70% reduction in seizures.

"Despite the law change, we’re in a much more vulnerable position. We have no doctors willing to prescribe this medication and it is life changing.”

Tannine Montgomery, mother