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Greater Anglia staff given cameras to reduce number of assaults

The camera can be activated at the press of a button Credit: ITV Anglia

All of Greater Anglia's conductors have been issued with 'badge cams', in a move to prevent staff being attacked by passengers.

The cameras are worn around the neck of employees, and can be activated as a situation develops.

They record constantly, but when turned on the previous 30 seconds and everything from that point is saved.

Senior Conductor Nathan Lang recently had a drink thrown at him, and has backed the new technology.

He said: "Most people, if they're angry or they've had too much to drink, they instantly stop as soon as they see the camera, they calm down.

"I was assaulted the other day and I had it then, the evidence goes to the police.

"If you get ticketing issues, customers can see the camera and they know that if it was to escalate, then there's evidence captured.

“And because the camera helps prevent altercations from escalating, everyone on the train feels calmer and safer."

Senior Conductor Nathan Long was recently assaulted by a passenger Credit: Greater Anglia

“The rolling out of these devices to train operators is very welcome; it ensures their employees are given the safety afforded by personal cameras, and when the worst happens, and a staff member is assaulted; there is strong evidence ready to be used."

– Sgt Paul Thompson, British Transport Police

According to Greater Anglia, on average eight staff are assaulted a month. Most are a result of minor issues, like someone being challenged over a ticket.

The rail firm also say alcohol plays a major factor in assaults.

Mark Burgess Lawrence, Greater Anglia’s Crime and Intelligence Manager, said: “We want to protect our staff at all times, and the badge cams will help to stop disagreements escalating to the point where someone becomes abusive.

“Assaults on other customers are thankfully extremely rare, so this is about protecting our staff – but everyone benefits as its unsettling for everyone when an altercation occurs.”