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Dramatic dashcam footage shows daylight stabbing in Luton

Dashcam footage captured by a nearby vehicle Credit: Bedfordshire Police

Footage of a daylight attack in Luton has been released. Gang member Tyriq Richards Tindle, aged 20, stabbed a rival gang member whose car was waiting at some traffic lights.

At 11.45 in July this year, Richards Tindle thrust his knife through the open passenger window several times with force, before walking away.

The victim drove to hospital, where he received treatment for his substantial injuries.

The whole incident was captured on the dashcam of a nearby vehicle. Then, the footage was circulated amongst police officers, three of whom identified the person with the knife as Richards Tindle.

“It’s quite clear that Richards Tindle was so focused on inflicting violence on his rival, that he spared no thought for others in the area, which included many members of the public."

– Detective Constable Colin Knight, Bedfordshire Police

On 24 September, Richards Tindle was sentenced to 11 years in jail at Luton Crown Court.