Male victim of domestic abuse speaks out over attack

  • Ashley Brittin tells his story of domestic violence to ITV News Anglia

A male victim of domestic violence has spoken out about the attack that nearly killed him.

Ashley Brittin from Northamptonshire was attacked by his ex-partner Daniel Neilson with a tea mug.

Ashley is sharing his experience to encourage other victims of domestic violence to get help.

He said: “There were always signs of abuse, he would come into the salon where I worked at and he was just very critical, very critical of the worked that I’d done on somebody’s hair.

“It wasn’t until one of my close friends, he said to me I really don’t like the way that he speaks to you and I was a bit taken back to be honest."

Ashley Brittin from Northamptonshire was a victim of domestic abuse. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Ashley added: “That’s when I started to realise what sort of a person he was.

“On the night that he attacked me we had an argument.

“The first thing that I was aware of was the force of this mug coming down on my head. I’ve never been hit that hard by anything. He just kept going and going with the mug on the back of my head.

“Once the mug had smashed on my head, he then continued to gouge at me, mainly the side of my face and my head and my hand with the mug.

“He had a broken shard of the mug in his hand still, so he just kept going at me with it."

Daniel Neilson attacked Ashley with a mug. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Ashely added: “The only thought then was I need to get away from him otherwise I’m going to die. So I ran to the top of the stairs and he was lunging at me still and then he pushed me down the stairs.

“When I woke up at the bottom of the stairs I was just aware that I was wet. It wasn’t until I looked and there was blood everywhere, absolutely everywhere and I just panicked and I thought I need to get out of this flat, if I don’t I will die.”

Ashley was attacked with mug. Credit: ITV News Anglia
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