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Navigating a busy city without sight: a glimpse into the world of the blind and visually impaired

ITV News Anglia presenter Becky Jago has been taken on a blind-folded journey into darkness to illustrate the challenges of navigating a busy city centre for those with sight loss.

More than two million people are living with some sort of visual impairment in the UK and by 2050 that number is likely to have doubled.

For those affected, something most of people take for granted - like popping to the shops - can be quite a task; overcoming obstacles most never even notice.

With the help of volunteers from the charity Guide Dogs, Becky was given the opportunity to experience, just for an hour, what it's like to be totally blind, and then to have tunnel vision, and navigate a busy city centre.

  • Watch the report by ITV News Anglia's Becky Jago by clicking below

"Basically just going shopping is not a question of putting your coat on, getting your bag and going to the bank. It's actually having to plan that route.

"In shared pedestrian spaces in city centres is about good colour demarkation and the right sized kerbs. If you've got a drop kerb a [guide] dog will just walk straight off that kerb because it won't know it's a drop kerb."

– Helen Sismore, Community Engagement Officer, Guide Dogs
Becky Jago was guide around Norwich city centre by Helen Sismore from the charity Guide Dogs. Credit: ITV News Anglia