Northamptonshire mum plays key role in charity campaign

WATCH: ITV Anglia's Rebecca Haworth reports on Jacqueline Krarup's involvement in the MS Society campaign.

A woman from Northamptonshire is spearheading a campaign to eliminate Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Jacqueline Krarup, 57, has a form of MS which means she cannot move more than 10 yards unaided.

But the keen horse rider is the star of a TV advert to publicise the MS Society's 'Stop MS Appeal'.

The advert will premiere on Thursday Credit: MS Society

The charity are trying to raise £100m over a decade, with the aim of finding a treatment for everyone living with the condition.

Jacqueline - whose sister Yolanda also has MS - said: "The thing with MS is that it gnaws at you. I can't walk more than 10 yards unaided and my sister is in a wheelchair.

"But I'm still the person I was before my diagnosis, I just have to think a little differently about what I can and can't do. I can no longer be impulsive."

"That's why I wanted to star in the advert - to highlight how MS can be unpredictable and different for everyone."

The advert features the daily challenges of three people with MS, but the trio are all singing Fleetwood Mac's Don't Stop, which is the appeal's anthem.It first airs on Thursday 10 October during The Dog House on Channel 4.