She's sold over 12 million books: but you've probably never heard of her

Watch: ITV Anglia's Matthew Hudson went to meet Sue Bentley

Despite writing over 80 books and having them published in more than 30 languages, Sue Bentley is very happy not being a household name.

She has lived in Northampton all her life, and still shares the same house she bought with her husband over 40 years ago.

Although she's written books for adults and teenagers, Sue's most famous work is the Magic Animals series of children's books.

She says her inspiration comes from a piece of classic children's literature.

She said: "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was the one which kind of flicked a switch in my head.

"I thought this isn't a book about the everyday and some schoolchildren and some adventures like I'd been reading about. This was about a world somebody had created.

"That really did chime with me and I thought I might be able to do that."