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Multi-million pound eco yacht launched in Ipswich

The yacht has a wooden hull and self-charging electric motor Credit: ITV Anglia

On 8 October, a multi-million pound yacht was lowered into Ipswich waters for the first time. The Spirit One Eleven was built by local company Spirit Yachts.

Two of the largest mobile cranes in the UK and many careful calculations were needed before the vessel was lifted into the centre of the Haven Marina.

Furthermore, the yacht's environmental credentials are second to none. It is made from environmentally sourced materials and has an electric engine, which regenerates when the yacht under sail.

"She’s designed so she can operate under battery power only. She does have a back up generator should there be no wind in a bad tide, but she can generate power sailing through the spinning of the propeller."

– Nigel Stuart, Spirit Yachts
The yacht being lowered into the water Credit: ITV Anglia

Sean, who designed the yacht, explained how much the yacht means to the people who worked on it.

"For some of these guys, two years of their lives have gone into this, and that yacht will go away and carry a little bit of everyone with it for the rest of its life."

– Sean McMillan, Spirit Yachts' Head Designer

Vessels from Spirit Yachts are renowned around the world. They have even featured in the James Bond film Casino Royale. Another yacht from the Ipswich boat builders are rumoured to feature in the next Bond film.