Online community formed to allow women to share stories of breast cancer

WATCH: Laura Middleton-Hughes, from Secondary Sisters, came into the ITV Anglia studio to speak to Becky Jago and Jonathan Wills

A woman from Norwich has been instrumental in creating an online community of people with secondary breast cancer.

Laura Middleton-Hughes, 31, set up the 'Secondary Sisters' group with Nicky Newman, who is also 31 and from Guildford.

Laura and Nicky both wanted to expand the conversation around secondary breast cancer, which can be held off for a time through modern drugs.

Nicky Newman (left) and Laura Middleton-Hughes (right), from Norwich, are backing the Stand Up To Cancer campaign Credit: Cancer Research UK

Through their social media posts, they discuss issues like early menopause, hormone blockers and infertility.

It has been an eventful year for Laura, who got married shortly before setting up Secondary Sisters.

She said: "We were immediately stronger as a pair - the same but each with our own opinions.

"Secondary Sisters gives us both a positive, therapeutic, way of talking about our cancer.

"We don't just want it to be about dealing with secondary cancer, which can be quite dark. We want it to be a collaboration between us and other people.

"We both potentially face a very bumpy future, but we do have a future and we are going to live it."

Nicky and Laura have their own YouTube channel Credit: Secondary Sisters