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Proposed expansion of Luton Airport moves to next stage

An artist's impression of the new terminal Credit: London Luton Airport Ltd (LLAL)

Luton Airport are pressing forward with plans to build an extra terminal and increase passenger numbers to 32 million per year.

The second consultation will run from the October 16 - December 16, the council-run company which manages the airport have announced.

A second terminal is the major feature of the plans; it would be built to the east of the existing one.

The council claim an expansion will help to reduce poverty in the local area.

Robin Porter, Chief Executive of Luton Council, said: “The proposed development would deliver enormous benefits, including an estimated 16,000 new jobs, with around a third of those directly employed at the airport.

“In Luton, airport growth would help the council deliver its ambitious goal to ensure no-one in Luton is living in poverty by 2040, and on a national level would deliver an annual £2 billion uplift to the UK economy."

Currently around 17 million people use the airport each year, but under the proposed development that would be increased to 32 million by 2039.

The plans also include a station at the terminal, served by trains on the transit line from Luton Airport Parkway currently in development.

The new terminal would sit to the east of the current one Credit: LLAL

The new terminal would encroach on Wigmore Valley Park, but the council claim a new area of public space would be created 10% larger than the existing park.

Ciaran Scanlon, Programme Delivery Director, said: “We recognise that our proposals would bring impacts, for the environment and people who live and work nearby."

The council are hoping to submit their planning application to the government by summer 2020, and are expecting a decision by the end of 2021.