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Dangers of carrying knives to be shown on ambulances in Northamptonshire

The dangers of carrying knives will be highlighted on ambulances Credit: Northamptonshire Police

The dangers of carrying knives will be highlighted on the side of ambulances as part of a new campaign.

East Midlands Ambulance Service will be putting messages on 12 vehicles for the 'Save Lives No Knives' campaign.

It's part of a multi-agency project launched in the summer which also sees police going into schools to educate children about the damage carrying a knife can cause.

The ‘Save Lives No Knives’ campaign was launched in August 2018 Credit: PA

A set of hard-hitting messages will be shown on the ambulances, including the damage caused by different stab wound depths andblood loss statistics.

The 12 ambulances will be fitted out with the campaign posters by 18 October.

Superintendent Dennis Murray from Northamptonshire Police said: "Northamptonshire Police fully support further exposure of this excellent campaign to help deter young people from carrying knives.

“Contrary to what too many young people believe, carrying a knife does not protect you - it can ruin your life forever and there is never a good reason to carry one.

“We will continue to work relentlessly to challenge and prevent violence and to keep our young people and communities safe."