• Click below to hear from former Thomas Cook staff now working for Hays Travel

Hundreds of former Thomas Cook staff are back at work just weeks are the travel company collapsed.

All 555 of Thomas Cook’s travel agencies were acquired on short-term leases by Hays Travel.

Many of the high street shops are now back open for business.

Former Thomas Cook staff back at work in a store in Peterborough. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Chloe Yeoman, Store Manager at Serpentine Green in Peterborough, said: “It feels a bit like a dream. It’s very surreal that this is happening.

"We’ve been given such a good opportunity by Mr and Mrs Hays. A couple of weeks ago we thought a very different story, but it’s very exciting.”

Cat Attwell, who works at the same store, said: “The world fell apart and then, suddenly, it all came back together again.

"We were offered our old jobs back, with all of my colleagues in the same store and I’m just blown away, just couldn’t believe it.”

Courtney Bunton, who works in the store, said: “We saw it all on the news that obviously Hays and bought all 555 shops, but no one had really contacted us to say ‘you’ve got your job back’.

"So Chloe our manager called through to see what was happening and within five or six hours we had our contracts sent through, so we were open Friday afternoon."

All 555 Thomas Cook travel agencies have been taken on by Hays Travel. Credit: ITV News Anglia