Ten years after a "contented, laid back and gentle man" was tortured and brutally murdered, police say they are using new forensic techniques to try to track down his killer.

Alan Wood was last seen leaving his favourite pub, The Willoughby Arms at Little Bytham, to head back home to Lound, near Stamford, on 24 October 2009.

It was three days later that a friend visited his house and found his body.

Alan Wood was last seen leaving the Willoughby Arms in Little Bytham Credit: Lincolnshire Police

"He had been brutally murdered, his wrists and ankles bound and he had clearly been tortured."

Martin Holvey, Senior Investigating Officer, Lincolnshire Police

Mr Wood, who was 50, had been repeatedly stabbed in the head before his throat was cut - which proved to be the fatal injury.

Even after his death, his killer continued to mutilate his body - inflicting a deep wound to the back of his neck, which police believe was an attempted decapitation.

Mr Wood, whose mother Maureen and sister Janice still live in Stamford, had no criminal record and no known enemies. He was a popular and easy-going man.

Police said the attack was unprovoked and the only motive seemed to be financial.

"The motive for his murder appears to be for financial gain. His bank cards were stolen and a small amount of cash was withdrawn from his account by those we believe murdered him."

Martin Holvey, Senior Investigating Officer, Lincolnshire Police

Mr Wood's bank cards were used at cash points in Bourne and Stamford in the days after his murder. During a trawl of CCTV footage, police found an image of the man making the withdrawals.

CCTV of a man who used Alan Wood's bank cards in the days after his death Credit: Lincolnshire Police

Ten years ago, DNA was found at the scene of the murder.

A world-wide search has been carried out but no match has yet been found on any police DNA database.

Martin Holvey, the senior investigating officer, said his team was now applying a number of new forensic methods to the evidence gathered at Mr Wood's home in the hope of a breakthrough.

But police still hope members of the public will help them solve this case.

A £40,000 reward has been offered by Sainsbury's - where Mr Wood had worked since 2006 and was a popular member of the team - for information leaving to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.

Although police accept the killer may have since left the country, they are appealing for anyone with information to finally come forward.

"This might be tormenting someone's conscious. And it's quite possible that others have information that could bring those responsible to justice."

Martin Holvey, Senior Investigating Officer, Lincolnshire Police

Police said there are many people still desperate for answers about Mr Wood's death, including his ex-wife Joanne, who he remained on good terms with after 17 years of marriage, his mum, two sisters and many friends and colleagues.

Mr Wood remained on good terms with his ex-wife Joanne, whom he was married to for 17 years Credit: Lincolnshire Police