A cat from Chelmsford who was shot with an airgun was saved by vets who removed the pellet from his stomach.

Owner Eve Worthington saw that her three-year-old pet Stovie was struggling to walk and then noticed a small round wound on his back.

The 55-year-old took him to Basildon PDSA Pet Hospital where x-rays confirmed that her cat had been shot.

He had an hour-long operation to remove the pellet.

Stovie needed immediate treatment to surgically remove an airgun pellet lodged in his tummy. We flushed his abdomen and thoroughly checked to make sure that his intestines had not been damaged. "It's amazing that the pellet did not cause further damage - luckily Eve spotted the wound and brought him in when she did.

Vet Hannah Johnston
X-rays showed the pellet lodged in Stovie's abdomen Credit: PDSA

After a day spent recovering at the pet hospital Stovie was well enough toreturn home with a head-cone collar, antibiotics and painkillers.

He had a check-up a few days later and has now made a full recovery.

Ms Worthington said it was a "miracle that the pellet didn't hit any of hismajor organs".