The bosom buddies helping to make life less stressful for breast cancer survivors

A breast cancer survivor from Cambridge is running a special rehabilitation programme for women affected by the disease.

Sheila Kissane-Marshall discusses the importance of nutrition, exercise and mindfulness during the 12-week Bosom Buddies course.

It's getting some serious support from high profile members of the medical profession.

Sheila said: "I've had this diagnosis and yes, it's been debilitating but now it's my time to find acceptance of that and do everything in my power to fight it."

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Bosom Buddies is part of a 12 week programme that Sheila set-up to focus on nutrition, physical exercise and mindfulness.

Bosom Buddies has the backing of the former Chief Medical Officer for England, Professor Dame Sally Davies. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Sheila has the backing of Professor Dame Sally Davies, the former Chief Medical Officer for England and Chief Medical Advisor to the UK government.

She said: "We all know more and more people are getting cancer these days and many more are cured but we have to live with it and what helps us live with it, prevent recurrence, and get back into our lives?"

The programme is in its infancy but the results to date are encouraging with women reporting a 55% reduction in anxiety and 46% decrease in depression.

Women taking part in Bosom Buddies are reporting a 55% reduction in anxiety. Credit: ITV News Anglia