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Fare-dodger who assaulted and racially abused railway staff jailed for half a year

A man has been jailed for assaulting railway staff and then running on the tracks at Northampton station to escape them.

Aleksandrs Morozevics began swearing when asked for a ticket on Monday, 9 September.

The 40-year-old, of Church Lane in Northampton, then kicked out and shoved other members of staff when they came to help the original ticket collector.

An off-duty police officer then became involved and Morozevics racially abused and tried to headbutt him, before jumping down onto the tracks.

He ran along the lines, causing trains to be cancelled, but was eventually caught and arrested.

"Any form of assault or intimidation towards our staff or other passengers on the railway is entirely unacceptable and we fully support the police in prosecuting people who behave in this way.

"Following the series of assaults he carried out, Morozevics' actions in trespassing on the tracks put his own life in danger and caused disruption for thousands of rail passengers.

"Incidents such as this are thankfully rare but are nonetheless extremely dangerous and hopefully the jail sentence imposed by the courts will act as a deterrent to others."

– Jonny Wiseman, London Northwestern Railway

He continued to abuse the emergency service workers following his arrest, and hit two of them in the face and spat at three.

PC Stuart Long, of the British Transport Police, said: “These were vicious and disgusting assaults on officers and staff.

"None were warranted, there was no provocation, and Morozevics had no other reason for his behaviour other than he’s a violent person.

“We work very closely with our colleagues in the rail industry and partner police forces – at no point will dealing with this behaviour be seen as just part of the job and we will always push to ensure offenders see the full consequences.”

Morozevics was jailed for 26 weeks at Northampton Magistrates' Court for a total of ten offences. They were three counts of common assault against rail staff, one count of assault on the off-duty officer, and three counts of assault on the officers in custody.