Another seal found with plastic object around its neck on Norfolk beach

Another seal has been rescued from a beach in Norfolk after becoming injured by a plastic object was trapped around its neck.

The young grey female, named 'Flowerpot', was found with wounds on Horsey beach.

She was taken in by the RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Centre where staff and vets worked to cut the object from her neck using bone pliers.

'Flowerpot' will be need antibiotics and will receive daily treatment to help her injuries heal.

Alison Charles, East Winch centre manager, said: “Earlier this month we reached a heartbreaking milestone of admitting our 50th ‘necklace’ seal since 2008 - the month isn’t even over and now the number has sadly reached 51. It is upsetting and frustrating that these poor seals are being injured by man-made rubbish."

'Flowerpot' is now being cared for at East Winch. Credit: RSPCA

She added: “We are once again so grateful to the Friends of Horsey Seals for catching this poor girl. The object was cutting in deep to her neck and causing terrible injuries.

“We don't know what this object is or what it was used for - so would be interested to find out if anyone does know.”

So far nine seals with ‘necklace’-injuries have been admitted to the centre in 2019.

The RSPCA say it’s yet another reminder of the damage caused by man-made rubbish left in our waters.