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Trio jailed after mass brawl on streets of Luton

WATCH: ITV Anglia's Stuart Leithes reports from Luton Crown Court

Three men have been jailed after a fight in broad daylight between two weapon-wielding gangs.

A gang from Luton and a rival group from Bedford started fighting on Saxon Road in September 2018.

It was widely shared on social media:

The fight resulted in seven people being taken to hospital, some with stab wounds and broken bones.

Idnan Akbar, 28, of Blenheim Crescent, Luton, and David Barnett, 24, of Napier Road, Luton, were both convicted earlier this month for their role in the fracas.

Idnan Akbar was convicted of violent disorder and two counts of threatening a person with a weapon Credit: Bedfordshire Police

On Friday, 25 October they were both jailed for 14 months at Luton Crown Court.

Mohammed Arshid, 37, of Blenheim Crescent, Luton, was convicted over this incident and a similar disturbance in Blenheim Crescent in July. He was sentenced to 23 months behind bars.

David Barnett was given 14 months in jail Credit: Bedfordshire Police

"These were two large scale and extremely violent disorders which we absolutely will not tolerate.

"Like so much knife crime, gun crime and other serious violence, these two incidents were linked to rival gangs and organised crime, with little risk to the wider public.

"That being said, all of those involved have shown a brazen and blatant disregard for law and order, with people suffering serious injuries as a result.

"We will relentlessly and unapologetically pursue the gangs capable of this sort of violence and put them behind bars."

– Detective Inspector Craig Laws
Mohammed Arshid was involved in two similar incidents Credit: Bedfordshire Police