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Wildlife group speaks of shock after baby hedgehogs kicked to death in Ipswich

'Tiny Tim' died from brain damage a few days after he was attacked. Credit: Ravenswood Wildlife Group/Facebook

A wildlife group in Ipswich has revealed it has had to deal with two incidents of baby hedgehogs being kicked to death in the town in recent weeks.

According to the Ravenswood Wildlife Group, both incidents happened in the Nacton Road area and involved groups of teenagers.

One of the animals had to be put to sleep because its injuries were so severe, while the second, affectionately known as 'Tiny Tim' by staff, survived for a few days before he eventually died from brain damage.

Writing on Facebook, Astrid Martin from the group said in the most recent case, a resident had to "step in" to stop the brutal attack going any further.

The hedgehogs were treated by the group's critical care unit. Credit: Ravenswood Wildlife Group/Facebook

"In the most recent case, a resident had to step in and put herself at risk to stop the attack happening," Miss Martin wrote.

"We picked up both babies and treated them at our critical care unit. One had to be put to sleep because his injuries were so horrific and the second died a few days later from brain damage.

"Hedgehogs will be desperately rushing around this time of year looking for food and nesting spaces. This makes them more exposed and vulnerable."

Miss Martin also confirmed that the group are hoping to go into local schools and deliver assemblies to children about how to look after hedgehogs.