Where are the battleground seats going to be in the Anglia region at the upcoming election?

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While the political map of the East of England is predominantly blue, there are several seats that will be contested fiercely over the coming weeks.

The Conservatives hold 58 of the region's 69 constituencies, having taken 54% of the vote at the last election in 2017.

Labour currently have five MPs in the region, while the Liberal Democrats have two.

The other party expected to play a part on December 12 is the Brexit Party, which won the European Elections in May with over 600,000 votes.

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Conservative target seats

  • Peterborough (LAB) 607 majority - 0.6% swing required to win

  • Bedford (LAB) 789 majority - 0.8% swing required to win

  • Ipswich (LAB) 836 majority - 0.8% swing required to win

  • North Norfolk (LIB DEM) 3,512 majority - 3.4% swing required to win

  • Luton South (LAB) 13,925 majority - 15.1% swing required to win

Currently Luton South is held by Gavin Shuker who was elected for Labour in 2017 but is now an Independent after leaving the party in February 2019.

Labour target seats

  • Thurrock (CON) 345 majority - 0.3% swing required to win

  • Norwich North (CON) 507 majority - 0.6% swing required to win

  • Northampton North (CON) 807 majority - 1.0% swing required to win

  • Milton Keynes South (CON) 1,725 majority- 1.3% swing required to win

  • Northampton South (CON) 1,159 majority- 1.4% swing required to win

  • Milton Keynes North (CON) 1,975 majority- 1.5% swing required to win

  • Corby (CON) 2,690 majority- 2.2% swing required to win

  • Stevenage (CON) 3,386 majority- 3.4% swing required to win

Lib Dem target seats

  • St Albans (CON) 6,109 majority - 5.4% swing required to win

  • Cambridge (LAB) 12,661 majority - 11.3% swing required to win

  • Colchester (CON) 5,677 majority over Labour - the Lib Dems were third in 2107 and require a 14.5% swing to win

  • South Cambridgeshire (CON) 15,952 - 16.6% swing required to win

Currently South Cambridgeshire is held by Heidi Allen who won the seat for the Conservatives in 2017 but has now defected to the Liberal Democrats.

She is standing down as an MP in December.

The Brexit Party have not yet contested a General Election but they won the European Election in the Anglia region in June 2019 taking 38% of the vote and sending three MEPs to the European Parliament.

The European Election votes were counted in district council areas rather than parliamentary constituencies.

Brexit Party target areas (including percentage of vote they won at district level in the European Elections):

  • Castle Point - 58% Brexit Party share in Euro Election 2019

  • Tendring - 54%

  • Great Yarmouth - 53%

  • Rochford - 52%

  • Fenland - 51% share

Great Yarmouth is the constituency of the former Conservative Party Chairman and Home Officer Minister Brandon Lewis.

The Fenland district is in the North East Cambridgeshire constituency of the current Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay.