How the 'Choir of Hope' is hitting the right note with its members

A choir from Watton has been working to help women combat loneliness, isolation and support survivors of domestic abuse.

‘Choir of Hope’ was launched two years ago and its positive impact has boosted the self- confidence of its singers by providing a safe space to talk about their experiences.

Catrina, a choir member said: “I had felt extremely vulnerable, isolated, and just generally not in a good place at all.

"Since doing this, it has empowered me. It has made me feel enlightened and given me more personality. I feel more like a warrior than anything else.”

The musical group has been backed by Norfolk's police and crime commissioner, Lorne Green.

He said: “We’re developing a four-year plan now in my office to address, in a more concentrated fashion and with more resources, this plague that affects not just Watton, or Norfolk, or this country, but internationally.”

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“I started off with no self-worth. I used to sing in the kitchen, away from everyone else because I didn’t feel like I should belong with the rest. Now, I sit at the front and I feel more confident. It makes me feel so happy to be here.”

Sarah, choir member