Flowers and candles today mark the place where a white Nissan Qashqai crashed into the Spinnaker pub in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Stuart McClung, who played the guitar in the local band New Town Kings, has been named locally as the 36 year old man who died at the scene.

Posting on social media one fellow musician described Stuart as an amazing man, adding "we will miss you"

One of the first people at the scene, who doesn't want to be named, has been describing the scene to ITV Anglia.

"We heard a loud bang that we thought was a bomb. We never expected the horrific scenes that we were met with. The driver had already been pulled from the car through the window and had gone into the pub. I opened the passenger door and did so as to not hurt the first victim to the left of the car, who was trapped by the vehicle and the wall. I wanted to tend to the victims first as they were clearly in more need. The passenger was screaming and crying and so I asked my friends to get her out of the car, as it was clear she wasn’t hurt. During this we could see smoke coming from the car but it was made clear by the gentleman behind that this was from the airbag so we were reassured that the car was not going to blow up. My friend shouted at others who were in complete shock and had not done anything as a result to help her carry the lady from the car and take her to the shop."

Flowers and tributes at the scene Credit: ITV Anglia

A 34 year old man is in hospital with what's being described as life changing injuries. Two others needed hospital treatment for minor injuries.

"My focus was on the three victims that were trapped between the car and the wall. The scene was bloody, messy and looked like something from a film. I could get no response from the man under the car nor the husband to the woman who could respond and was accessible. The lady was so brave, I told her to keep talking to me and not to move until the emergency services arrive because I could see her leg trapped in the wall and a large gash in her head. I held her hand and stayed with her until they arrived, you could see the other victims and I just wish I could have reached them to be with them too. Some people tried to move the car but with little success and also fear of making the injuries worse. The response time and call handlers and then every emergency service who attended the scene restored my faith in humanity. The professionalism and bravery they demonstrated was something so commendable."

Spinnaker pub Credit: ITV Anglia

We are all traumatised and would have never in a million years thought that this could happen right next to our four walls. We just honestly are so thankful that emergency services, police and the rescue teams and doctors did such an amazing job and restored our faith."


In a post on their Facebook page the pub landlords thanked regulars for their support on what they described as a very dark day.

They also paid tribute to Stuart McClung describing him as a wonderful, talented man.

Stuart McClung Credit: .

Stuart McClung had worked at Essex County Council for almost four years as part of their customer service team.

"Stuart was one of the kindest people you could hope to meet and treated everyone who called our adult social care services with the utmost respect and dignity. He was their greatest advocate, always striving to achieve the best outcomes for them no matter what.

Essex County Council

Police are continuing their appeals for anyone who saw the white Nissan Qashqai in the area before the crash to come forward - along with anyone with mobile phone or dascam footage.

A 40 year-old man was arrested on suspicion of a number of offences and has since been released under investigation.