Norwich Prison receives equipment to tackle smuggling of contraband

Norwich is among seven prisons to receive new equipment to tackle the smuggling of weapons, drugs and phones.

The prisons will receive X-ray baggage and metal detection equipment, as well as stepping up the search of visitors and staff.

Norwich Prison along with six others in Berwyn, Bristol, Hewell, Lancaster Farms, Leeds and Liverpool are to benefit from this change, following the Government's investment announced in August.

"The gate and reception are key areas of vulnerability to smuggling and more robust searching of staff, visitors and prisoners will help reduce the flow of drugs, phones and weapons.

Lucy Frazer, Prisons Minister
Norwich Prison to receive equipment to tackle the smuggling of weapons, drugs and phones Credit: ITV Anglia

The Labour party have however criticised this approach, saying Tory cuts were the reasons prisons were becoming more dangerous.

"Tory cuts to staffing are the main reason our prisons have become more dangerous than ever."

Richard Burgon, Shadow Justice Secretary