Colchester's unique Roman Wall to be scanned and digitised for first time

A 3D digital model is going to be made of Colchester's famous Roman Wall, using state-of-the-art technology.

Special scanners will be used to record the wall, which is the oldest surviving town wall in Britain.

The data will then be used to create a high-resolution model of the wall, which will support ongoing efforts to maintain it.

The Borough Council project is being led by Professor Dominic Powlesland, an award winning archaeologist.

He said: "Having lived in Colchester as a child, I am delighted to be involved in a project which will document the internationally important surviving Roman walls.

"I hope that by using the latest methods to create precise digital 3D models and the collaboration between Colchester institute and the council will lead to new insights and ideas about the cultural role of these magnificent structures.

"To many, they must just seem like 'ruins', rather than surviving elements of a thriving and magnificent Roman city re-establishing its presence after the Boudiccan revolt 1959 years ago had burnt it to the ground."

Students Chloe (l) and Rebecca (r) will be helping with the imaging project Credit: Colchester Borough Council

The project will be assisted by photography students from Colchester Institute, who will get the chance to learn from Professor Powlesland.

The first imaging took place on Monday, 4 November at the Balkerne Gate, which is the largest surviving gateway in Britain, according to the Borough Council.