Man jailed for high-speed drug-fuelled pursuit down A14

A man has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for driving at speeds of up to 100mph on the A14 after taking cocaine.

The chase took place early on the morning of Friday, 4 January between Rougham and Stowupland.

Having been reported earlier in the night, police found 25-year-old George Brown's Ford Focus at a layby in Rougham. However, the car shot off when officers approached it, weaving across both lanes at speeds of around 90mph.

Suffolk Police have released a video of the final moments of the chase:

"George Brown broke as many of the basic laws of our roads that he could and we will not tolerate people who are prepared to risk the lives and welfare of other road users in this way.

Inspector Gary Miller, Suffolk Police

Brown came to a stop on the duel carriageway to allow a man to get out of his car, but then sped off again, now pursued by four police vehicles.

Having hit 100mph, the Focus exited the A14 at Stowupland, circled the roundabout and tried to drive the wrong way down the eastbound off-slip to get away from the officers.

However, one of the pursuing cars made contact with the criminal's car to bring it to a halt. Brown attempted to run away but was quickly caught.

Brown failed a roadside drug test after being caught Credit: Suffolk Police

At Ipswich Crown Court on Monday, 4 November, Brown, of Aveley Road in Upminster, was given an 18 month prison sentence and a four-year ban from driving.

He had previously pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, drug driving, driving without insurance, driving whilst disqualified and possession of cocaine.