The battle for the Anglia region as the official election campaign begins

It might feel like it's already been going on for ages but today marks the first official day of General Election 2019.

Tonight the Conservatives will officially launch their campaign. Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Brexit Party have already done so.

At midnight the 2017 Parliament ended and we no longer have any MPs, instead most are now candidates campaigning to make their way back to Westminster.

In the Anglia region, 12 politicians marked their final day as MPs as they won't be standing in this election.

Among them some of the longest serving politicians in the East like the former North East Bedfordshire MP Alistair Burt and the former North West Norfolk MP Sir Henry Bellingham, both first elected in 1983. losing their seats in 1997 and then returning to Westminster in 2001.

Also both Liberal Democrat MPs in the East are not standing again, North Norfolk's Sir Norman Lamb and South Cambridgeshire's Heidi Allen, who only joined the Lib Dems last month. She was first elected as a Conservative MP in 2015.

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But while some politicians won't be on the campaign trail for the next five weeks, very many will and you can expect to see a vigorous campaign for votes in our region.

Already Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn have visited the East, the Prime Minister at Addenbrooke's in Cambridge last week talking about the NHS, the Labour leader in Harlow on Tuesday talking about Brexit.

The Anglia region will be a key battleground with marginal seats that Boris Johnson needs to win if he is to get a majority, constituencies like Ipswich, Bedford and Peterborough.

There are also seats Labour will target to try and get Jeremy Corbyn into Number 10. They are places like Milton Keynes. Northampton and Norwich North.

Expect to see plenty of politicians in our region in the run up to Thursday 12 December.

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