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Wife and lover jailed for 21 years for the murder of Hertfordshire farmer William Taylor

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Estranged wife Angela Taylor and her partner Paul Cannon will be serving life sentences Credit: ITV News Anglia

Angela Taylor and her lover Paul Cannon have been jailed for 21 years for murdering her wealthy farmer husband William Taylor.

The couple were sentenced at St Albans Crown Court , November 8, after a jury found Taylor’s estranged wife and her partner guilty of murder and arson on November 4.

After the jury had brought in the verdict, Judge Michael Kay QC told the couple “there is only one sentence that can be passed and it will be a life sentence”.

William Taylor went missing just days before his 70th birthday from his remote farmhouse home called Harkness Hall on the outskirts of the village of Gosmore near Hitchin.

William Taylor, Family Photo Credit: ITV News Anglia

William and Angela Taylor had been in a relationship since 1992 or 1993. They had married in November 1997 and had three children.

Angela Taylor and Paul Cannon had a "venomous hatred" for 69-year-old Bill Taylor because he would not agree to divorcing her.

WhatsApp messages found on Cannon's phone revealed a plot to kill Mr Taylor, a multi-millionaire who owned farms and land near Hitchin in Hertfordshire.

A selection of the lurid conversations were played to the jury of eight women and four men at St Albans Crown court.

William Taylor's body was discovered in a river in Hitchin Credit: ITV News Anglia

His body was found eight months later in mud on the bank of the River Hiz near Hitchin on 10 February last year by fisherman Eric Jackson.

It was just over 2 miles north of Harkness Hall and close to Angela Taylor's home at Mill Farm.