A bus driver has been filmed telling an English-speaking, disabled black man that she "doesn't speak foreign languages" after he complained that she wouldn't lower the bus' ramp for him.

Ian Barrington was catching the bus to a doctors appointment with his wife Katarzyna when the incident happened. According to Mr Barrington, the bus driver told him she couldn't put the ramp down because she had a bad back. His wife had to lift onto the bus as a result.

When he complained about the driver, she started to shout at him, Mr Barrington told us.

He began to film her; the footage can be viewed below.

Mr Barrington can be heard warning: “You’re documented, yeah? Just to let you know that.”

“I don’t understand foreign languages, I only understand English,” the bus driver replied.

“Okay, I'm a foreigner now, so you don’t understand foreign languages?” Ian asked her. “Am I not speaking English?”

She then ordered him to “shut up or get off.”

Chris Speed, Head of Operations at First Eastern Counties said;” We are taking this allegation very seriously as it is certainly not the kind of service we would expect to be provided by one of our driving team. I will be undertaking an investigation into the matter and will correspond with the gentleman concerned when the process is concluded”

  • Watch our report by Matthew Hudson here