Students at UEA vote to ban beef

The Students' Union at the University of East Anglia has voted to ban beef at its outlets on campus.

The union says students are becoming more concerned by the climate crisis and already have a Meat Free Monday campaign and have increased their range of vegan products.

The ban will only include outlets run by the Students' Union, where beef products are only 0.1% of total revenue.

Although the motion was passed it will still have to be ratified by the union's trustees.

Restaurants run by the University itself won't be included, however the Students' Union has voted to lobby them to follow suit.

Students at UEA vote to ban beef Credit: ITV Anglia

The students say that:

  • Beef requires 28 times more land to produce than pork or chicken

  • Greenhouse-gas emissions from the agriculture sector account for about 22% of global total emissions

Students at UEA vote to ban beef Credit: ITV Anglia

However farmers disagree. They say the figures don't take account of the oxygen produced by growing grass and hay for cattle which offset emissions.

They also point out that manure from the cattle is used to fertilise the land, significantly reducing the need for artificial fertilisers.

  • Norfolk farmer James Runciman believes the students have got it wrong

The Student's Union says the ban on beef is the latest in a series of measures to protect the environment.

They have already started using LED lighting across their building and transferring to reusable plastic cups in their bars.

Students at UEA vote to ban beef Credit: ITV Anglia

The University of Cambridge has already removed beef and lamb from its menus and says the measure has cut food-related carbon emissions by a third.

The University is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and has introduced a range of measures to contribute to that reduction, including our sustainable food policy."

Cambridge University