Heavy rain has left some roads in the Milton Keynes area closed because of flood water

Little Linford Lane is shut near Newport Pagnal because of rising river levels. Drivers are being urged to find an alternative route.

V4 is also closed because of flood waters

V7 between H4 and H5 is closed for southbound traffic because of flooding

V4 Credit: Milton Keynes Council

H6 from the South Saxon roundabout is closed eastbound because of flooding

Marlborough Street is closed in both directions between the H5 Portway and H6 Childs Way

Beechampton Credit: Bucks and MK Fire

Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Fire Service says that a number of vehicles have been stranded because of the water levels at Beechampton

Main Street in Beechampton is closed. Two crews from the fire service have been sent to the scene and one man has had to be rescued from one of the cars.

Fire Crews have issued the following advice

  • Please don't attempt to drive through water that is more than a few inches deep. It is often deeper than it looks and may be moving quite fast. Your vehicle could become stranded

  • If your vehicle is stranded and you are safe, please contact your recovery service.

  • If your vehicle is stranded and you are not safe, ring 999.