How this teenager’s life was transformed by music therapy after a brain injury

A mother from Cambridgeshire whose son suffered a brain injury after a road accident has spoken of how music therapy helped him to recover.

15-year-old Haydn Garrod was not wearing a helmet when he was knocked off his bicycle in August last year. He spent twelve days in a coma and lost the ability to speak.

Haydn’s mother, Amanda said: “His prognosis was really poor. He needed a craniotomy. They took a portion of the skull from the brain to allow for swelling.

“That was a really hard moment for us because I had to sign for that, and if I didn’t, he would have had no chance but I knew that if I did sign, he was in danger anyway. It was like signing his life away.”

When Haydn first woke up, he could not talk and his right side was very weak. Amanda says one day when she came to visit him on the ward, he was walking and signing.

She said: “He could sing and we were just in tears and laughter. We were dancing. The whole ward was. He had shown his dad earlier on and they were all waiting for me to come in and surprise me with it."

After months of intensive rehabilitation, Haydn regained his ability to communicate and has been able to speak again with friends and family.

Haydn says hard words are still a struggle, but Melodic Intonation Therapy has helped to get his vocabulary back.

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