Nigel Farage tells Peterborough rally Brexit Party won't split leave vote

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has denied his party will split the leave vote at the upcoming general election.

Farage made the comments during a rally at the Northern Hotel in Peterborough on Tuesday morning.

The party recently announced they will not contest the 317 seats won by the Conservatives at the last general election and will instead focus all their efforts on seats currently held by Labour.

Some critics fear the move could split the pro-Brexit vote, but Farage reassured voters in Peterborough that this wouldn't be the case.

"Peterborough disproves much of what is being said and written. In 2015, when I led UKIP here in Peterborough, UKIP got a big, solid, 16% of the vote and the Conservative, Stewart Jackson, won the seat," he said

"When it came to 2017, UKIP decided not to stand against Stewart Jackson because we might split the leave vote and guess what? Stewart Jackson lost to the Labour party!

"A large number of Labour voters will vote for the Brexit party, but they will never vote Conservative. They wouldn't vote Conservative if you paid them! So, the idea that a vote for the Brexit Party puts Corbyn in Downing Street is wrong and is utterly disproved by history here."

Candidates standing in Peterborough

  • Paul Bristow - Conservative

  • Luke Ferguson - Independent

  • Lisa Forbes - Labour

  • Mike Greene - Brexit

  • Tom Rogers - Christian Peoples Alliance

  • Beki Sellick - Liberal Democrats

  • The Very Raving Mr P - Official Monster Raving Loony Party

  • Joseph Wells - Green

Farage also told the 100 or so people in attendance that he expects turnout to be low and added that he believes Boris Johnson will get a small majority in what will be an "uninspiring" election.

Meanwhile, Chancellor Sajid Javid was on the campaign trail in Milton Keynes on Tuesday and reiterated that the Tories haven't struck any deal with the Brexit Party.

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"The truth is there's no deal with the Brexit Party," said Javid.

"We've got 635 candidates standing across the UK, and everyone of them has signed up to our Brexit pledge to get Brexit done.

"The alternative to us is Corbyn and the chaotic two referendums that he's planning for 2020. The only way forward is to vote Conservative on December 12th."