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Litter bin mysteriously travels 70 miles from Peterborough to Norfolk coast

The Peterborough City Council bin turned up at Blakeney Point in Norfolk Credit: Norfolk Coast NT

A litter bin owned by Peterborough Council has been washed up on the Norfolk coast.

The city council bin was found more than seventy miles away at Blakeney Point earlier this week, home to England's largest seal colony.

The National Trust speculate that someone must have thrown the bin in the River Nene, and it ended up in the sea.

The Trust has asked the council to make arrangements to return the bin.

In a tweet, the National Trust joked that the bin "had heard about our seal pups & fancied a visit, however we're now unsure how it'll get home".

"Not having legs we don't think public transport is the answer so can you please advise."

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