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Prime Minister tries his hand at bricklaying in Bedfordshire

Prime Minister Boris Johnson during a visit to David Wilson Homes in Bedford while on the campaign trail for the General Election. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire/PA Images

The Prime Minister sought to build up his election campaign to the Anglia region as he tried a spot of bricklaying in Bedfordshire.

Boris Johnson was on a building site at Wixams near Bedford and says he has a plan to tackle the housing crisis. A Conservative government would ensure one million new houses are built over the next five years.

But the Prime Minister was not the only one making promises. Labour launched their manifesto with a big pledge on affordable homes promising 100,000 new council houses a year by 2024.

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The Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid was at Harlow College to see its advanced manufacturing and engineering centre.

The building was opened three years ago - partly funded by the government.

The chancellor chose it as his backdrop to pledge a £2 billion capital investment in further education.

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Boris Johnson and Sajid Javid were in the Anglia region as the Labour Party launched their election manifesto in Birmingham.

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said his manifesto - titled "It's time for real change" - was full of popular policies that the political establishment had "blocked for decades".

"Over the next three weeks they will tell you that everything in this manifesto is impossible because they do not want real change in this country," he said.

He said the system was "rigged in their favour - but it's not working for you".

Jeremy Corbyn touting his party's flagship election policies. Credit: PA Images

The Conservative Party election campaign coach was temporarily left stranded on the housing estate at Wixams that the Prime Minister was visiting after a technical fault rendered it unsafe to drive.

Journalists and Tory staff were stuck at the new development in Bedford on the "Get Brexit Done" bus for around 45 minutes because of a fault with the electric wing mirror.

Boris Johnson was not on board at the time, having travelled by train to the housing development near Bedford, earlier.

In an interview with ITV News Anglia the Prime Minister pledged to get a long-delayed new railway station south of Bedford back on track.

Speaking to Political Correspondent Emma Hutchinson he said: "We're going to look into it. I certainly want to have a massive infrastructure revolution and I know there's a plan to build a spur link and we should definitely do that if the plan works."

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