Every hour in the UK five people die from sepsis and the number of people getting it is increasing. That's according to UK Sepsis Trust who're trying to raise awareness of this silent killer which is often misdiagnosed.That's what happened to Reuben Harvey Smith from Woodbridge in Suffolk who, at just two years old, had to have both his legs and most of his fingers amputated. He's 7 now and Natalie Gray's been seeing how he's getting on.

Reuben had to have his legs and seven fingers amputated because of a misdiagnosis at Ipswich Hospital.

Despite clear symptoms, sepsis wasn't diagnosed. A doctor said he had tonsillitis.

The hospital was quick to admit the mistake and the family have already received an interim payment of a million pounds which will be reviewed as Reuben gets older and needs more help.

Reuben now aged 7. Credit: ITV Anglia

"Unfortunately sepsis is still being missed today and lives are still being lost and people are still losing limbs. We need to change that."

Louise Harvey-Smith

The symptoms are

  • S Slurred speech or confusion

  • E Extreme shivering or muscle pain

  • P Passing no urine in a day

  • S Severe breathlessness

  • I "I feel like I might die"

  • S Skin mottled or discoloured