This footage shows the moment police found a seriously injured man after he collapsed in a field in the dark.

He had been trying to walk to Crownland town, Lincolnshire, after crashing his car into a fence on Friday November 29.

Lincolnshire police were called to the scene after reports of a crash, but found no sign of the driver when they arrived.

A police drone was sent up and detected heat coming from the field nearby.

Officers say they were only able to discover the man through the drone’s thermal detection cameras after he fell to the ground and became unconscious some distance from the crash scene.

The man was taken to hospital where he is expected to make a full recovery.

“Our drone officers located him at 10.40pm and took the man to hospital as he had been in a cold field for a substantial amount of time. The man had sustained a minor injury and the officers were personally thanked for their assistance"

Spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police