Cambridge cyber security company wins major award for its use of artificial intelligence

Cambridge-based tech company Darktrace has won a Lloyds Bank Business award for its work using artificial intelligence (AI).

The ‘Artificial Intelligence Award’ recognises businesses that are enabling people to thrive in a digital world, paving the way with AI innovation.

As a world leader in cyber security, Darktrace is one of the major success stories among tech companies in the region.

Founded by eight people in 2013 and now with more than 1000 employees, the company works to keep its clients safe from online attacks.

Every dot on this Darktrace screen is a cyber attack happening in real time Credit: ITV News Anglia

The company says they look for deviation from their client’s normal online use and act to neutralise the threat.

"Darktrace's artificial intelligence works by looking at what is normal, what is the pattern of life of the organisation. What's typical and of course that's always changing so it's keeping up with any evolutions of the business to be able to spot a cyber threat even if that attack is completely novel and has never been seen before."

Emily Orton, Co-founder of Darktrace

The company has 3000 clients across the private and public sector, and has been using AI to defend these organisations from cyber attacks.

With headquarters in San Fransisco and Cambridge, Darktrace say they fight back against a cyber-threat every three seconds.

"There's some very deep machine learning mathematics that go into this to develop it and it really is recognition of the software engineers here in Cambridge who have worked so hard to create what is now a world beating cyber security platform.”

Emily Orton, Co-founder of Darktrace