Who will hit the target in the South Cambridgeshire constituency?

South Cambridgeshire has always elected a Conservative since the constituency was formed in 1997, and with a majority of nearly 16,000, it was considered a safe Conservative seat in 2017.

Now, despite coming third in 2017, this constituency has become a major target for the Liberal Democrats after sitting MP Heidi Allen defected to the Lib Dems in October 2019.

Allen was originally voted in under the Conservatives but left over Brexit in February 2019 and then became interim leader of the Change UK party.

South Cambridgeshire is one of only nine out of the 69 constituencies in the Anglia region to vote to remain back in 2016, with a 62% estimated remain vote.

The constituency was considered a safe conservative seat in 2017 Credit: ITV News Anglia

Heidi Allen will be stepping down, but the Lib Dems are still targeting the seat.

ITV News Anglia’s Emma Hutchinson went to South Cambridgeshire to take a closer look, paying a visit to a local curling club and the three candidates for the constituency:

  • Conservative candidate - Anthony Browne

  • Labour candidate - Dan Greef

  • Liberal Democrat candidate - Ian Sollom

There are 37 candidates after your vote in the 2019 General Election in the seven constituencies in Cambridgeshire.