Jeremy Corbyn promises to cut class sizes during school visit in Peterborough

  • Watch a report on Jeremy Corbyn's visit to Fulbridge Academy by ITV News Anglia's Stuart Leithes

Jeremy Corbyn's promised to cut class sizes and increase spending on education, during an election visit to Fulbridge Academy in Peterborough.

The Labour leader said large numbers of teachers were leaving the profession because of the huge stress they were under.

He also wants to replace Ofsted with a different kind of inspection regime, cap class sizes at 30, recruit almost 20,000 more teachers and bring academies back within the control of local education authorities.

ITV News Anglia's political correspondent Emma Hutchinson got the chance to sit down with the Labour leader and ask him about a range of issue.

On the agenda: eduction, transport and how confident he is that by this time next week he could be on the verge of becoming prime minister.

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The Labour are defending only seven seats out of 69 constituencies in the Anglia region but in three of those areas they beat the Conservatives by less than 1,000 votes and the Tories could win them back on a tiny swing.

  • Peterborough - 2017 Labour majority 607

  • Bedford - 2017 Labour majority 789

  • Ipswich - 2017 Labour majority 836

If the Labour Party is to gain power it needs to win many of the Conservative seats in the Anglia region which would changes hands on a swing of 5% or less.

These include Norwich North which the Conservatives won by 507 votes, Northampton North where the margin between the two parties was 807 votes and Milton Keynes South where the Tory majority was 1,725.

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn meeting pupils on an election visit to Fulbridge Academy in Peterborough.

The interview with Jeremy Corbyn was part of a series of interviews ITV News Anglia's Political Correspondent Emma Hutchinson conducted with all three main party leaders during the election campaign.