Luton has stayed loyal to the Labour party for several years, electing two labour MPs at the past six elections.

The constituency of Luton South has remained a particularly safe Labour seat, with a majority of nearly 14,000 in the last General Election.

This labour majority was won by Gavin Shuker who will now be defending his seat as an Independent candidate . Shuker left the Labour party in February 2019 to form Change UK over Brexit and anti-semitism within the Labour party. He then left Change UK and became Independent in June 2019.

In the past 23 years there's only one part of the region that's stayed steadfastly Labour while surrounded by a sea of Conservative blue Credit: ITV News Anglia

Labour retained power on Luton council in the local elections in May, and it was the only district of the Eastern region that got the biggest Labour share of the vote in the 2019 European Election.

ITV News Anglia’s Elodie Harper went to the constituency to take a closer look, visiting a local centre for youth and community development. Elodie also spoke to prospective Labour candidate Rachel Hopkins, Conservative candidate Parvez Akhtar and Independent Gavin Shuker.

There are seven candidates standing in Luton South in the General Election on Thursday 12 December 2019.

  • Conservative- Parvez Akhtar

  • Independent- Mohammed Ashraf

  • Green- Ben Foley

  • Other- Best4Luton

  • Labour- Rachel Hopkins

  • Independent- Gavin Shuker

  • Brexit- Garry Warren